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Elevate Offsite Fun and Simplify Management Effortlessly

Invite your guests through our app for an effortless solution to collect participation fees, manage accommodation and flights, and view agendas.

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How it works

Each step takes you closer to an unforgettable retreat experience!

Send Offsite Invitations

Easily invite guests to your planned offsite event via a shared link or email.

Guest Registration

Guests answer a survey through the invitation link to submit their participation details for the offsite.

Select Plans and Checkout

For paid offsite invitations, guests pay upon participation. Planners can create multiple plans in advance.

Explore Agenda and Receive Updates

Guests receive the latest updates from the planner, explore the created agenda, and engage with other participants to enjoy the lead-up to the offsite day.

Experience the Offsite Day

Download the mobile app and head to the offsite. Access all information related to the offsite event.

Everything you want in an offsite, all in one place

Seamless Participant Coordination

Planner View

Centralize control with a dashboard that handles everything — from who's coming, when they're arriving, to their specific needs. Simplify your event planning, making management a breeze.

Seamless Participant Coordination

Effortless Invites & Engagement

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Dive into the offsite experience right from your invitation. Register through the app and unlock a world of possibilities: from scheduling your flight to choosing your adventures.

Effortless Invites & Engagement

Smooth Payments & Upgrades

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With Stripe integration, checking out for your event is just the beginning. Upgrade your stay or extend your adventure with ease, all from the convenience of our dashboard.

Smooth Payments & Upgrades

On-the-Go Insights

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Leave the laptop behind and keep the offsite at your fingertips. Our mobile app brings you check-ins, agenda updates, and real-time location sharing to enhance your experience without the hassle.

On-the-Go Insights

Easy registration survey

Seamless ticket checkout

Convenient flight booking

Interactive itinerary exploration

Organized rooming lists

Social feed and networking

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