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Not just your travel agency - we're your ultimate team-building partner! Join forces with us and trusted business allies to seamlessly guide your team to success. From planning to unforgettable off-sites, we've got you covered every step of the way!.

Retreat Team

Meet our Team

Retreat Leadership Team

Shun Yamada

Shun Yamada

CEO & Co-Founder

Jack Tadami

Jack Tadami

COO & Co-Founder

Retreat Planner Team

Lorena Manrique

Lorena Manrique

Off-Site Events Manager

Chan Hirashima

Chan Hirashima

Retreat Director

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Retreat's Mission And Values

Seamless Collaboration

At Retreat, we believe in fostering seamless collaboration. Our platform and personal concierge services are designed to effortlessly bring remote teams together.

Tailored Experiences

Whether crafting a specialized agenda, selecting a venue, or planning team-building activities, every detail fits perfectly, ensuring your offsite event is personalized and memorable.

Stress-Free Planning

Exciting, stress-free event planning is our mission. Use our app or personal concierge for a smooth process, focusing on what matters most.

Inspiring Environments

Retreat curates inspiring environments for your remote team, fostering innovation and positive energy. Whether virtual or physical, we ensure your team returns recharged and inspired.