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NextRetreat Alternative: Retreat's Budget-Friendly Team Travel Solutions

Retreat Team·03/11/2023
NextRetreat Alternative: Retreat's Budget-Friendly Team Travel Solutions

Organizing team retreats can be a daunting task, and finding the right platform to streamline the process can make all the difference. NextRetreat and Retreat are two popular options on the market, each offering unique features to help teams plan and execute successful offsites.

NextRetreat is a platform that offers easy booking all in one place, along with dedicated retreat specialists to provide human-centered customer support. The platform claims to save over 100 hours per trip by providing team-ready venues, simplifying the purchasing process, and bringing teams to nearby locations. Additionally, NextRetreat's venues are designed specifically for teams, making the search process more efficient. However, it comes at a cost with €119/month and €49/team member pricing.

Retreat, on the other hand, is a budget-friendly corporate offsite planner that provides employee surveys, venue sourcing, custom itinerary planning, and full event management. The platform recommends different destinations and accommodations based on the user's needs, budget, and team culture, and offers a range of features such as budget control, one-click to check availability from 500+ hotels, employee survey, and free onsite concierge, all at no cost.

One of the key advantages of Retreat is its budget-friendly approach, which allows teams to plan and execute offsites without breaking the bank. Additionally, the platform's survey feature allows teams to check the real-time status of employees and link them to hotels or activities, making the planning process more efficient.

Another advantage of Retreat is its free onsite concierge service, which takes the burden of travel management off the team's shoulders. The retreat director will travel with the team and coordinate every itinerary and troubleshoot any issues, allowing the team to focus on the purpose of the retreat.

In conclusion, while NextRetreat and Retreat both offer unique features to streamline the process of organizing team retreats, Retreat stands out for its budget-friendly approach, range of features, and free onsite concierge service. It's the perfect solution for teams looking to plan and execute successful offsites without breaking the bank.

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