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Modernize Your Venue Search: Outdated Methods Event Planners Need to Ditch"

Retreat Team·03/11/2023
Modernize Your Venue Search: Outdated Methods Event Planners Need to Ditch"

As an event planner, finding the right venue for your corporate offsite is crucial. However, some traditional search methods are outdated and may lead you to miss out on the perfect location. In this article, we'll explore some of these methods and suggest alternative ways to search for venues that are more efficient and effective.

One of the outdated methods is relying solely on personal connections and word of mouth recommendations. While personal recommendations can be useful, they can also limit your options and prevent you from exploring new and unique venues that are not well-known. Instead, consider leveraging online resources such as review sites, social media platforms, and venue directories to expand your options.

Another outdated method is visiting potential venues in person without conducting prior research. This approach can be time-consuming and may not provide you with enough information about the venue's facilities and capabilities. Instead, use online tools such as virtual tours, photos, and floor plans to get a better sense of the venue before scheduling a visit.

Additionally, some event planners limit themselves to traditional event spaces, such as hotels and conference centers, while neglecting non-traditional venues that could better suit their needs. Some alternative venues, such as museums, warehouses, and art galleries, can provide unique and creative settings that may be more memorable and effective for your event.

Lastly, some event planners rely on outdated negotiation tactics when dealing with venue managers, such as aggressive bargaining and ultimatums. These tactics can strain the relationship with the venue and may not result in the best outcome for both parties. Instead, consider a collaborative approach to negotiation, focusing on building a long-term partnership with the venue that benefits both your event and their business.

In conclusion, it's important for event planners to ditch outdated venue search methods in favor of more efficient and effective strategies. By using online resources, exploring non-traditional venues, and adopting collaborative negotiation tactics, you can find the perfect venue for your next corporate offsite.

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