chevron_rightchevron_rightEvent Follow-up: Collecting Feedback and Adjusting Your Strategy

Event Follow-up: Collecting Feedback and Adjusting Your Strategy

Event Follow-up: Collecting Feedback and Adjusting Your Strategy

After hosting an event, it's important to follow up with attendees and collect feedback. Feedback is essential for understanding what worked well and what didn't, allowing for better planning and execution of future events.

To collect feedback, many organizations find it useful to develop a consistent rating system to compare sentiment across events. However, going beyond a number and asking specific, open-ended questions about the event can help paint a clear picture of what attendees liked and where improvements are needed. It's also recommended to make this kind of survey anonymous to encourage honesty.

Some starter questions to consider asking include:

  • What aspects of the event (location, activities, etc.) should be changed or improved in the future?

  • How did attendees feel about the hotel? Any specific thoughts on its location, amenities, comfort level, or style?

  • How did attendees feel about the agenda? Did time feel balanced and well spent?

  • Was there anything about the event that attendees would like to see more or less of next time?

  • Do attendees feel they were able to genuinely connect with other attendees?

Once you've received and reviewed attendee feedback, it's good to zoom back out and look at the bigger picture. Did the experience of people at the event align with the goals you set? Did it meet your expectations? Did it meaningfully contribute to your overall events and engagement strategy?

It's important to remember that few events are completely perfect. With so many moving parts involved, there's bound to be room for improvement. Every setback or problem you may have experienced is an opportunity to plan more effectively next time and to better inform your overall strategy.

If you feel overwhelmed by the planning process, event planners can help. They offer curated recommendations on everything from where to stay and what to do, plus day-of, on-site organizing for events that require extra care. Reach out to event planners for customized proposals and get one step closer to hosting your perfect event.

In conclusion, hosting a successful event requires follow-up and feedback collection to understand where improvements can be made. Reviewing feedback and adjusting your strategy can help make your next event even better. Event planners are available to help with planning and execution, providing customized recommendations and on-site organizing to ensure a memorable experience.

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