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Best Practices for Creating and Managing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Planning an Offsite to Celebrate Them

Retreat Team·03/14/2023
Best Practices for Creating and Managing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Planning an Offsite to Celebrate Them

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have been on the rise in recent years as a way for employees to connect and support each other in the workplace. ERGs, also known as affinity groups, are typically groups of employees who share similar identities or experiences, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability status. These groups provide a sense of community, support, and inclusion for individuals who may face unique challenges in the workplace.

ERGs are a vital part of creating a positive and inclusive company culture. They can help companies attract and retain diverse talent, boost employee morale and engagement, and improve overall business performance. However, creating and managing ERGs requires intentional planning and execution. In this article, we'll explore the best practices for creating and managing ERGs in the workplace, as well as how to plan a company offsite to celebrate and support these groups.

Define Your Goals and Objectives

The first step in creating successful ERGs is to define clear goals and objectives. These goals should align with your company's overall mission and values. Some common goals for ERGs include:

  • Creating a safe and supportive space for employees to connect and share experiences

  • Providing professional development and networking opportunities

  • Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the company

  • Contributing to the company's recruitment and retention efforts

Once you have defined your goals, communicate them to your employees and encourage them to get involved in the ERGs that align with their interests and identities.

Create a Communication Plan

Communication is key when it comes to creating and managing ERGs. It's important to establish a clear communication plan to ensure that all members are informed and engaged. Some tips for effective communication include:

  • Establishing a regular meeting schedule and sticking to it

  • Creating a private online forum or group for members to connect and share resources

  • Encouraging members to share their ideas and feedback with the group

  • Providing regular updates and announcements about upcoming events or initiatives

Involving Leadership

Having the support of company leadership is essential for the success of ERGs. Leaders should be actively involved in supporting and promoting ERGs, which can help create a more inclusive and welcoming workplace culture. Some ways that leaders can support ERGs include:

  • Attending ERG meetings and events

  • Allocating resources for ERG initiatives and events

  • Promoting ERGs to the broader company and community

  • Acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of ERGs to the company's success

Empower ERG Leaders

Empowering ERG leaders is crucial for the success of these groups. ERG leaders should have the autonomy and resources to plan and execute initiatives and events that align with the group's goals and objectives. Some ways to empower ERG leaders include:

  • Providing budget and resources for ERG initiatives

  • Encouraging ERG leaders to take on leadership roles within the company

  • Providing training and development opportunities for ERG leaders

  • Acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of ERG leaders to the company's success

Plan a Company Offsite to Celebrate ERGs

Hosting a company offsite is a great way to celebrate and support ERGs. Company offsites provide an opportunity for members of different ERGs to connect, share their experiences, and learn from each other. Here are some ideas for planning a successful company offsite:

  • Host a diversity and inclusion conference or workshop

  • Organize a cultural food festival

  • Host a lunch and learn focused on the experiences and perspectives of different ERG members

  • Organize a volunteer event with a local community organization


Creating and managing ERGs can be a rewarding experience for both employees and the company. By following these best practices, companies can create a more

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